Grab Bag

Alright folks, it has been over a month since my last post, closer to two I think, so I think now is the best time to go ahead and continue on with this whole blog thing. Unfortunately there has not been much that I have wanted to write about lately, so I am just going to go with a number of random thoughts for now. I'll do my best to make my mind interesting and easy to read for all of you readers out there.

First thing that comes to my mind is that the Pittsburgh Penguins are the Stanley Cup Champions. This is actually something that I am very happy about. When I was a little kid I used to play hockey, as you would know if you read my last post. Our team name for two of the three years was the Penguins (the other year we were the Blackhawks). Since then I have been an avid follower. Unless you are one of those bandwagon groupies who chooses to fall in love with the Yankees, Lakers, or Red Wings when you're a kid, championships don't come too often for your team, so when they do, they are very sweet. Summing it up, Go Penguins!

I'm getting into golf. Somehow, I went from a guy who cannot hit the ball straight to save his life to a guy who can hit the ball straight but not too far. I, of course, blame this on the club. Anyway, I have been wanting to go golfing here for the last couple weeks, but for some reason the day finds it necessary to rain. Constantly. I'll even be fooled when I wake up in the morning and see some blue sky, but by the time I get out of the shower the clouds have rolled in and the rain has turned on. Now, if I were still living in Houston I would just chalk it up to living an hour away from the coast. Problem is, I live in a desert. Last summer it rained twice the whole summer. I think there have been two days this whole month that it hasn't rained. Summing it up, I want to golf.

Lastly, I am ready to get a job. Not one of those bottom rung jobs that anyone from the ages of 15-87 can have, but a real job. After asking around, I seem to be one of the only people that feel this way. Most of the people my age that I ask this to seem to want to stay in college forever. I get that it is a great time of life and everything, but don't you want to put to work all those things that you have studied for the last 16-20 years of your life? Granted, I probably won't be doing much long division or reading Hansel and Gretel, but school is so much of your life up until this point, I would think more people would be ready to be done with it. Maybe I'm just too anxious. Maybe I just am excited to work in the field that I'm going to be working. Summing it up, I want a job.

There you go folks. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think.