One thing that I try to do whenever I post something on here (which isn't very often apparently) is create a title that makes you want to read at least part of this to see what it's actually about. The title, to me at least, works because I'm going to talk about things that I encourage you to discuss with other people, or to, at the very least, post a response on the bottom of this thing. Most of this is pretty ridiculous stuff, but some I consider to be pretty good conversation. We'll start with the former.

I'll start this by saying I have no idea what sparked this thought. I've never thought about this beforehand and I doubt I'll think about this much after writing this, but I just have to bring it up. Alright, so hopefully you are all familiar with the cartoon "Duck Tales". If not, I'll just say that the main characters (basically) consist of "Uncle Scrooge", as well as Huey, Duey, and Luey, who are Scrooge's nephews. Now, I don't know if I missed this in one of the first episodes of this cartoon or not, but where exactly are the three kids' parents? I mean, they live with their uncle, so I assume that the parents aren't in the picture anymore, but did they die, or did they go on a very long vacation, or are they mounted on somebody's wall? Obviously, this is a very random thought, but I wonder why I never asked myself that question before. If anyone reading this knows the answer to this riddle, could you please let me know.

This next one is something I would consider to be better conversation. I am currently in the process of looking for and applying to a number of jobs. This would be what you would consider my first "REAL JOB", so I would say it's a pretty big deal. Now, I completely understand the reasoning behind "entry-level jobs" and "bottom-tier work" and things like that. Advancing in a company is something that has been around for ages, and I can respect that ... To a point. These days it seems like there is more emphasis preference on "outside hiring" than hiring within the structure of a company. Perhaps that is a misconception I have. Another thing though is if I have all of the skill that the other guy has and I am just as competent, why does him having a year of experience somewhere else (where they could run things very differently) give him an edge over me? I suppose if I were the guy with the experience then I would feel the opposite about all of that. I guess this is more of a comment on how it is hard these days to get your foot in the door unless you have contacts within the company. Hopefully I will be proved wrong in the next month or two and be hired to places I am applying for and would very much love to work. Don't worry, I will definitely keep you posted on that.

Alright, last thing. Take this for what you will. Honesty is a big thing for me. I know I am in the minority here, but I would much rather be told the truth about something, even if it supposedly will "hurt my feelings" or something. Some might call that being a glutton for punishment, but I think of it more as taking a large dose of constructive criticism. If you think about it, people who are honest with you, more often than not, want what is best for you. If they are going to tell you the truth about something, it is probably likely that this advice is in your best interest. Yes, it may bring a harsh truth or reality into clearer focus, but isn't that a good thing? I know a number of people that would disagree with me, but that doesn't really bother me too much. Let me give you a small example that came up today. For instance, if I bought something for someone and they didn't like it, I would prefer them to tell me that, as opposed to making me think they like it. One reason is because if they don't like it, I don't want to buy it for them again. Secondly, I think if a person can be that honest with me then they are comfortable enough with the type of person I am. Helps me figure out which people I get along with the best. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I really would like input about all of this. I'm a very curious person, so anytime I can get other people's insights into my own thoughts, it is very helpful. Hopefully I can try getting back in the habit of this whole blog thing so we can share more of these crazy ideas.

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