WotD #3 - Diminution

Ok, so it's been a long time since I've done this. Lately, I have had the awful feeling that I just have no desire to work anymore. Not as in my job but as in assignments for class. I distinctly remember having this feeling about 6 years ago when I was a senior in high school. Back then, I believe this was referred to as "Senioritis". That feeling went into recession a few years ago, but has come back with a force and is dominating my subconcious.

Oddly enough, the word of the day today is "Diminution". I thought this picture was perfect to describe my lack of desire to do those assignments. Just replace "Sales" with "Go-Get-Em" or something like that.

The duck could be my conscience yelling at me, shouting, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU'RE ALMOST THERE! QUIT SLACKIN' OFF!!!" If the duck is my conscience, then I might be the mouse looking down into the hole thinking, "Wow, I didn't think it had dropped THAT far".

Let me level with you. I am still working and trying hard. It's just become increasingly difficult to care about it. Perhaps I suffer more from complacency than anything else. Doesn't everybody go through that stage though? Thankfully this is just showing its face, so if I can stave it off long enough then I just might be able to ride the holidays out until the summer break gets here.

Here's to hoping summer gets here before too long!

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  1. You can do it SCOTT!!! It really isn't that much longer. Let us know if you need "a getaway" to SLC for a weekend or something.